Ultimate OpenVPN-Gui
What is? What can do?
FAST OpenVPN-Gui is application gui for OpenVPN Server script/channel admin. It act as application and/or system service. Like application is simple channel administrator. Like system service, replace openvpn service wrapper.

  • run as application;
  • run as service;
  • channel start, stop, delete, create;
  • manage openvpn service wrapper;
  • replaces openvpn service wrapper;
  • other...
Why FAST OpenVPN-Gui? It's free?
Is my personal contribute to OpenVPN project. Yes, FAST OpenVPN-Gui is FREE and Open source released under Mozilla Public License 1.1
It's multilanguage?
Yes, for now two translations are previewed, Italian and English language.
Where i can found and download?
From Sourceforge [project page]
From website [main site]
From here [Download from here

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